What is phpBB?

phpBB is the ideal software application for everyone who would like to swiftly set up an Internet forum, both as an addition to their existing web site or as a completely different website.

With phpBB, you will get a streamlined interface, which can be easily utilized by both members and admins/moderators. Another advantage of phpBB is familiarity – most bulletin boards are based on phpBB and most users have already become used to it. Once they notice a phpBB–driven web site, they will instantly recognize it as being a discussion board and will already know how to use it.

phpBB is a registered trademark of phpBB Limited and is not connected with ConstantWebs Hosting.

phpBB–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

Each of our Linux cloud hosting plans has been optimized to work with phpBB without any problem. And with the automatic phpBB installation that’s available right at signup, you can get a phpBB–optimized cloud hosting account in less than one minute.

Each and every phpBB–optimized cloud hosting package available at ConstantWebs Hosting will give you unlimited storage space & traffic allocations so that your Internet forum can expand unrestrictedly. In addition, we’ll give you a free–of–cost domain. And we’ll guarantee a 99.9% server uptime. And we will be available to you around the clock, ready to help. In case you are dissatisfied with ConstantWebs Hosting, you can make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

An Easy–to–Use Web Hosting Control Panel

All our phpBB cloud hosting packages come with our simple–to–use Web Control Panel. It’s designed to run in the cloud and permits you to manage all aspects of your web presence from one place. This goes to say that you’ll be able to administer all your sites, domain names and billing transactions through it. With other companies, you will need no less than two separate web hosting Control Panel tools to complete the same operations.

And within the Hepsia Control Panel you’ll find a number of free bonuses, such as a drag & drop File Manager, which will eliminate the necessity for an FTP software program. And we also have a number of Website Accelerator Applications for knowledgeable clients – with them, you can make your phpBB site open faster than ever before.